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With the solar energy industry becoming an important pillar industry in the future global development, the pace of Xinyi ultra white photovoltaic glass entering the solar energy new energy industry is also getting faster and faster. SNEC's fourth (2010) International Solar Photovoltaic Conference and Exhibition (Shanghai) has provided an extensive exchange platform for various solar photovoltaic industries. Xinyi ultra white photovoltaic glass will take this opportunity to continuously improve the technology of the solar photovoltaic industry and make greater contributions to the solar industry

"develop new energy for the benefit of all mankind". As an emerging industry of Lutheran glass, "advocating the concept of low carbon (energy conservation) as the core", ultra white photovoltaic glass vigorously promotes the upgrading of energy-saving products and adjusts and optimizes the industrial structure. At present, ultra white photovoltaic glass has the unique proprietary technology of "one kiln and four lines", and has always been in the ranks of applying "low-carbon" technology, and has been actively working and exploring for the construction of low-carbon economy. As countries around the world put the development strategy of new energy industry on the agenda and solar photovoltaic ushered in a beautiful spring, Xinyi Glass is driving on the fast lane of the development of new energy industry with a high-speed development momentum

recently, Xinyi ultra white photovoltaic glass (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Xinyi Group, participated in the SNEC fourth (2010) International Solar Photovoltaic Conference and (Shanghai) Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "photovoltaic" and "two sessions") held at the International Expo Center, where the correct aluminum alloy connector connection solution in Shanghai Xinguo finally reflects the fundamental value of aluminum alloy cables. The photovoltaic "two sessions" made a grand debut after the opening of the "Shanghai WorldExpo". More than 1350 exhibitors from 41 countries and regions participated, and tens of thousands of professionals attended. Photovoltaic 5. Regularly check the transmission of the sprocket. The exhibitors of the "two sessions" cover all areas of the photovoltaic industry and are currently the largest solar photovoltaic exhibition in Asia

this time, ultra white photovoltaic glass participated in the "two sessions" of photovoltaic, and made its first appearance at the Photovoltaic Exhibition with an exhibition area of 135 square meters. The booth fully explained the personality of ultra white photovoltaic glass products and the essence of corporate culture of Xinyi Group with a "green dress" and "transparent makeup". The large exhibition area of ultra white photovoltaic glass, on-site product display and unique booth design have attracted many visitors and made the public feel "solar energy around" from a "zero distance". In front of the Xinyi photovoltaic glass booth, many solar photovoltaic customers from all over the world came to consult. Under the introduction of the person in charge of the exhibition, these customers had a strong interest in the vertical industrial chain of Xinyi ultra white photovoltaic glass, and expressed their affirmation of ultra white photovoltaic glass products. They expressed their willingness to establish cooperative relations with ultra white photovoltaic glass

ultra white photovoltaic glass, as a raw material supplier, has been on the market for more than two years. Relying on its own advantages, it has made outstanding achievements in the field of solar photovoltaic. At present, it is expanding the photovoltaic market with a monthly average sales of 400 MW. The prospect is good, and the sales continue to show a climbing trend. At present, under the premise of being unable to meet the market demand, ultra white photovoltaic glass continues to expand its production capacity. By the beginning of 2011, Xinyi Glass will have four ultra white photovoltaic glass production lines, which will meet the market demand with a total annual output of 58million square meters. Ultra white photovoltaic glass can produce special varieties according to the different requirements of customers, and provide customers with ultra white photovoltaic glass original sheet, tempered ultra white photovoltaic glass, a such as measuring material Huang Qunhui, R tempered photovoltaic glass such as elastic modulus and specified non proportional elongation strength, etc. in the form of vertical industrial chain

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