The door control device of the car in which the ho

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"The car in which the general secretary sat during the military parade, and the door control device was made in Chongqing"

China Silian Instrument Group Co., Ltd. in the northern New Area, technicians were checking the electromagnetic flowmeter. (photographed by Zou Fei)

Wu Peng, vice chairman of Silian group (photographed by Zou Fei)

General Secretary Hu Jintao rode in the car during the National Day parade last year. The door control device was produced by our Silian group. Wu Peng, vice chairman of Chongqing Silian group, said proudly in an interview yesterday

Wu Peng told that the new process analysis complete system produced by Silian has entered the world's largest Lafarge cement and Asia's largest Conch Cement global factory, saving up to 5million yuan for each production line; Their instrumentation automation technology has made important contributions to the national west to East power transmission, West to east gas transmission, South to North Water Diversion and other projects


innovation contribution

maintain a 20% production and sales growth rate for 10 years

Silian group, fully known as China Silian Instrument Group Co., Ltd. For 10 consecutive years, production and sales have increased at an average rate of more than 20% per year, which is a unique miracle in the world instrument industry. At that time, the national three drive electromechanical system made the two lead screws rotate synchronously through chain transmission. Now, the economic scale of the third in the large instrument and meter industry base has been comparable to the sum of the two old rivals of Shanghai Automation Instrument Co., Ltd. and Xi'an Xi'an Instrument Group. As a flag enterprise in China's automation industry, Silian group has maintained its leading position in the industry for 9 consecutive years


build a national enterprise technology center

instrumentation is the first high-tech field in China to experience opening-up and technological blockade. Therefore, independent innovation is also the foundation of Silian group. Xiang Xiaobo, chairman and general manager of Silian group, attributed this unconventional development to technological innovation

instruments and their complete sets of systems are known as the central nervous system of industrial automation process. At present, several key links of Silian in this field, such as electromagnetic compatibility experimental ability and pressure sensing detection ability, have reached the international advanced level. In the past three years, Silian group has completed more than 200 key scientific and technological breakthroughs and innovative product research and development projects, successively undertaken a large number of national 863 plan, National Science and technology support plan, national key technological innovation plan and other projects, and built a Silian group (National) enterprise technology center


contribution to the LED industry in our city

the accumulation of scientific and technological strength also laid the foundation for all the experimental processes of high stability control for the adverse development of Silian after the financial crisis in 2009. In 2009, the technical level and process accuracy of flowmeter, transmitter and other products cooperated by Silian group with Toshiba and Siemens reached or even exceeded the standards of overseas production lines, It effectively helped the Silian group achieve the goal of borrowing ships to go to sea; Acquired Honeywell's Canadian sapphire production line, and produced the first batch of large-size sapphire substrates representing the world-class level in the new factory in Chongqing, making an important contribution to the vigorous development of LED industry in our city; Relying on advanced complete instrument control system technology and precision machining technology, together with NABCO in Japan, Westinghouse in the United States, fenmeccanica in Italy and many other large multinational companies, we can print out complete experimental reports and experimental curves in real time, and get involved in the fields of safety doors, screen doors, electric traction, integrated monitoring, low-voltage power supply, automatic fare collection and so on in many large cities in China

looking forward to the future

create a led industrial chain with a scale of

10 billion in Chongqing

Silian products cover almost all categories of instruments with a speed ratio of up to 1million times, but the overall market capacity of the industry is small, which also limits the business scale of Silian group. At this time, they thought of diversity

Wu Peng introduced that in recent years, the group has successively entered environmental protection and energy-saving related industries such as LED, nuclear waste treatment, oil and gas recovery devices, sewage treatment, waste heat power generation, etc. For example, Neder industries, a subsidiary of Silian group, has cooperated with the world's top 500 new Japan Petroleum Co., Ltd. to set up the world's most advanced oil and gas recovery device in Chongqing, turning the smell of gasoline into gasoline, with a recovery rate of more than 99%

liushaoyun, deputy general manager of Silian group, revealed that the sapphire LED products of the group have just been selected into the Chongqing Pavilion of the Shanghai WorldExpo, and the supply of substrates is in short supply. The production capacity of the factory in Beibei, Chongqing can reach 500000 pieces by the end of April. At present, the order has reached 700000 pieces, and the annual output will reach 2million pieces within two years. It is expected to create the largest LED industry chain with a scale of 10 billion for Chongqing in the next few years

facing the future, Silian group plans to enter the 10 billion group in 2012 and become one of the top five global process automation control instruments in 2015, so as to realize the goal of "made in China to created in China"

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