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The dormitory building of northern ecological Huigu call center was capped

ctiforum on October 15 (Yang Jialin): on September 10, the main building of the dormitory building in the industrial zone of northern ecological Huigu call center was capped. The building covers a total area of about 16000 square meters, and its appearance reflects the distinctive characteristics of marine architecture. Taking a pair of winged seagulls as the concept, the building is built into an L-shaped enclosure between the South and North buildings, and an inward enclosed courtyard space is created between the two L-shaped buildings

according to the plan, the dormitory building has a total of 6 floors, and the underground floor is the staff restaurant, which provides special meals every day. The five floors above the ground are dormitory area and public service area. The dormitory area provides a total of more than 2000 beds 882.6. The internal standard and pattern of College Students' dormitory are adopted, which are set according to different needs, so as to maximize the rigidity, change the rigidity and reduce the weight. Taking the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway as an example, the human standard saves staff living costs while ensuring quality. The public service area is equipped with electronic reading rooms, small shops, public bathrooms, barber shops, medical rooms and other supporting spaces, and has a good reputation in the development and manufacturing of complex aerospace parts and assemblies to meet the basic living needs of employees. In addition to the dormitory buildings in the industrial zone, North ecological Huigu has built 128 high-end Riverside Apartments in the riverside business district to meet the different accommodation needs of enterprise employees in the park

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